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William Pickens Papers - microfilm * digital - free * 5-pages

William Pickens Papers - microfilm * digital - free * 5-pages

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If you are a fan of the Peters map, you may be interested in knowing what an exceptional person he was. He has been a catalyst in revolutionizing the field of cartography. His map has been popularized in North America as a result of its appearance in 2002 on the hit television show "The West Wing." That prescient script plot written by West Wing director Aaron Sorkin became reality in 2017 when the Boston Public Schools formally adopted the Peters Map as part of its curriculum.  However, Dr. Arno Peters and his other life works remain relatively unknown. ODT has posted a photo biography is an attempt to share information about Dr. Peters' remarkable life.  Other Background information  Note: These previous two links only work from a desktop or laptop computer (they will not connect from a mobile device)

Arno Peters' parents, Lucy & Bruno, were political activists in pre-WW2 Germany and had an extensive network of colleagues and friends. Among them was the African-American professor, William Pickens. Pickens inscribed this copy of his book, Bursting Bonds (shown at left), and gave it to Lucy Peters when Arno was 13 years old. Arno read it and Pickens' story of black liberation had a profound impact on Arno's view of the world and his values of fairness to all peoples. 

It should be no surprise that three decades later, Arno Peters dedicated a significant part of his professional career to showing history and geography in a way that corrected the bias against Africa, Asia and Latin America ... and fairly represented space & time in a way that corrected  existing prejudices and distortions. The Space and Time document is available as a free download  HERE... and the microfilm document describing William Pickens' work is available now as free download from this page.

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