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Self-Esteem Passport - Free copy - limit one per person

Self-Esteem Passport - Free copy - limit one per person

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With the look and feel of a real passport, this booklet is an engaging and upbeat resource for improving self-esteem - the "passport" to a happier, healthier life. Sections focus on the recognition of personal strengths, triumphs, and achievements -- the essential self-esteem catalysts. A great tool for individuals and groups; also makes a fantastic gift! Grades 6-adult. 32 pages - 3.75" x 6.25" format. Includes a great collection of multicultural quotes.

Craig Wiesner, co-founder of in San Mateo CA  has been distributing the Passports to teachers, home-schoolers and social justice activists and says, "We've had the self-esteem passport in our shop for over a decade. We love it when someone spots it, picks it up, starts to read it and smiles. That person knows exactly the right person, or the right group of people, to whom he or she wants to give it. The quotes are inspiring, the activities for working on self-empowerment and simple but profound, and there's more packed neatly into this little tool that you can find in many much more arduous self-help books. The passport is eye-catching, inspirational without being preachy, practical, and is the perfect size for taking along with you on life's journey, wherever it takes you."

WHY is a map company selling a Self-Esteem Passport?
Before the Peters Map was featured on The West Wing ODT was a Human Resources Management publishing & consulting firm. Overnight, Aaron Sorkin changed all that!  For two decades prior to the The West Wing episode, we conducted Diversity training programs for IBM, Westinghouse, Kaiser Permanente, Exide, and dozens of other hi-tech companies ... many of whom purchased Self-Esteem Passports in the thousands for all their employees. Press release HERE.  You can read reviews on our old web site HERE but only if you are on a desktop or laptop. ODT owns the copyright to the revised and updated version which includes a great collection of feminist and multicultural quotes, as well as wisdom from dead white men from the Roman Empire. Get a free copy and check it out. A great gift for the holidays or any time of the year.

Single copy free. One per customer.

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