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PRIME Peer - Action Tracking Guide * digital free * (Empowerment)

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PRIME Peer - Soliciting Peer Feedback * PRIME Peer - Action Tracking Guide was a component of the instrumented feedback tool enabling employees to pass out questionnaires to their peers, and have those people rate them on a number of critical dimensions. ODT ran hundreds of workshops and licensed numerous Fortune 500 companies to use the instrumented feedback tool in conjunction with Employee Development programs. The tool was quite detailed and used a proprietary 2x2 rating grid, asking the employee (1) How much they wanted of a specific behavior from their peer (High or Low), and (2) How much they were receiving of a specific behavior from their peer (High or Low). The 2x2 grid then transformed into 4 quadrants with three types of outcomes. If the employee wanted High behavior of a specific kind, and was getting a High amount of that behavior, then they were compatible. If the employee wanted Low behavior of a specific kind, and was getting a Low amount of that behavior, then they were compatible. All good!
But when the employee wanted High and their peer provided Low, that was a condition indicating UNDEREMPHASIS for the peer's skill set.
And similarly, if the employee wanted Low and the peer provided High, that was a condition indicating OVEREMPHASIS of the peer's skill set.

How to cope with conditions of UNDEREMPHASIS and OVEREMPHASIS was the content of ODT's training programs, which were also delivered on site as executive coaching one-on-one sessions, and delivered remotely via phone coaching programs.

PRIME is an acronym for Practices in Managerial Effectiveness.

All these materials can be licensed and customized to organizations wishing to improve the skills sets of their management personnel.

A mirror-program was also created for the employees to work from similar rating scales for their boss, but encouraging them the build skill sets that DID NOT require their manager to change, but coached the employees to manage the upward relationship EVEN IF they could not discuss their needs and goals with the manager. This mirror image program was called PRIME MATCH, and resources are available HERE 

ODT began as consulting and training company in the field of Employee Empowerment and "Upward Influence", and soon developed a series of training modules on "How to Receive a Performance Appraisal", "How to Receive a Delegated Assignment", "How to Increase Your Personal Power", "Self-Directed Work Teams",  as well as a series of instrumented feedback tools and workshops to help communication up (PRIME Match), downward (PRIME Search), and with peers (PRIME Peer). These tools are now digitized here link 

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