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Many Ways to See the World DVD

Many Ways to See the World DVD

$ 89.00

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Twelve compelling world maps are presented in this fast-paced program that has changed the way its audiences view the world. The DVD has three powerful messages that are conveyed through an analysis of maps: 1. We can only understand the world if we're willing to see things from multiple perspectives. 2. The "truth" must be seen from many vantage points. 3. One person's voice can make a huge difference in the world! You'll find each map story fascinating. Hear how a young Australian developed McArthur's Universal Corrective Map with its unique downunder viewpoint. Learn how Gerardus Mercator never intended to draw the world as many of us have always seen it. Images created by Len Guelke, Arthur Robinson, Tom Van Sant, Arno Peters, Buckminster Fuller, Paul Hoffman (founder of EarthSeals) are featured in this unique program. Many Ways to See the World is designed to generate interest and awareness in maps and their messages. This is a provocative learning tool that uses historical and current images to explore the subject of mapmaking. See below for a free copy on YouTube


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