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Mecca-centered Map Postcard - 10-pack

Mecca-centered Map Postcard - 10-packs, 25-packs or 100-packs

$ 8.00 $ 100.00

Cartographer Len Guelke produced this map at the special request of the Canadian Islamic Congress. This map is an Azimuthal Equal Area Projection. All continents are shown at true size and proportion. The reference in the text on front to "Mecca being approximately at the center of the land mass of the world" can be said to be equally true of Jerusalem, or Athens for that matter. That region is roughly the antipode (point directly opposite on the globe) to the center of the Pacific Ocean, which is where the least land is located on Earth.

Mecca-centered Map Postcards - 10-packs, 25-pack or 100-packs

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