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Lenz 1964 Map of Human Races * digital license $100 and up

Lenz 1964 Map of Human Races * digital license $100 and up

$ 200.00

This is Russell H. Lenz's 1964 Map of Human Races (Titled as "Races of Mankind"). It is a Red & White image that is coded by: European, Indo-Iranian, 
Arab-Berber, Mongolian, Malayan-Polynesian, American Indian, African, Dravidian, Australian and Papuan.

We do not recommend you purchase this map, as the entire concept of "races" has evolved significantly since the 1960's. We offer this map for historical purposes only, to provide an insight into the thinking about race circa 1964...and to preserve the legacy of Russell Lenz...and amazing artist and cartographer.

We also have a 150-DPI image that you can download for $1. This charge is for personal use only and you must contact ODT, Inc. for licensing permission to reprint the image or use it in any commercial or classroom application. It is one of a series of 10 maps created for World Eagle publishing in 1964, and the image was also later published in the Christian Science Monitor.

Contact Email:  for larger numbers of students or longer licensing periods. © 2021 Island Improv.

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