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Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself

Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself - Spanish

$ 19.98

A do-it-yourself Hugg-A-Planet. Just the "skin" and you stuff it yourself, and sew up a small hole. Our loveable Planet is embraced by many movie, television, and music celebrities. In some small way the Hugg-A-Planet is responsible for MOTHER EARTH to finally be hugged, a millions of times over. Thousands of schools use a Hugg-A-Planet Earth in the classroom. Many people have this soft cuddly at home, always in arms reach for easy reference. It is an opportunity for the family to interact; to discover where a place is or where grandma lives, or for planning vacations.

Spanish language version $19.98

Also available in English & French
Click HERE for English version
Click HERE for French version 

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