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How to Receive a Performance Appraisal * hardcopy * 4-page tipsheet - sample

How to Receive a Performance Appraisal * hardcopy * 4-page tipsheet - sample

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From our former incarnation as management trainers and Human Resource Development consultants....

Provide your employees with quick tips on receiving performance appraisals. This tipsheet instructs employees how to "partner" with their managers to make the performance appraisal process a conversation about shared job expectations. It encourages employees to pre-plan for their appraisal session now and throughout the year (4 pages).This
tipsheet formed the basis for ODT seminars on  How to Receive A Performance Appraisal, one of ODT's novel modules in our "How to Manage Your Boss" seminars. The program was conducted for dozens of high-tech companies in the 1990's, and licensed to many large firms who conducted the program (with our copyrighted materials) with their own trainers on an in-house basis. 

Sample digital copy available free HERE for personal use.

ODT began as consulting and training company in the field of Employee Empowerment and "Upward Influence", and soon developed a series of training modules on "How to Receive a Performance Appraisal", "How to Receive a Delegated Assignment", "How to Increase Your Personal Power", "Self-Directed Work Teams",  as well as a series of instrumented feedback tools and workshops to help communication up (PRIME Match), downward (PRIME Search), and with peers (PRIME Peer). These tools have been digitized and are available at this link.

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