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How to Manage Your Boss - PPT Presentation * Empowerment - Licensing * 100+ images

$ 300.00

This collection of PPT images formed the basis of ODT's seminars, lectures, trainings and workshops conducted from 1980 thru 2009. The slides include over 90 hilarious custom-drawn cartoons presenting key learning concepts, along with charts, graphs and text to reinforce key learning points. The program is available for licensing, as ODT is now for sale ... but between now and when these digital images are turned over to the new owners of ODT, they are being made available for personal and non commercial use for FREE with a coupon code of MYBFREE until July 31, 2019. Order them ALONE as a single item, insert the coupon code, and they are yours to chuckle over. They can be accompanied by audio and video programs that will be posted in this collection, and correspond to the B&W cartoons found in ODT's classic 200+ page seminar workbook. License to reproduce workbook and transparencies for up to 300 participants over a three year period is $300. Inquire at for other appications.

ODT began as consulting and training company in the field of Employee Empowerment and "Upward Influence", and soon developed a series of training modules on "How to Receive a Performance Appraisal", "How to Receive a Delegated Assignment", "How to Increase Your Personal Power", "Self-Directed Work Teams",  as well as a series of instrumented feedback tools and workshops to help communication up (PRIME Match), downward (PRIME Search), and with peers (PRIME Peer).

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