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Guide to Language Families of the World Poster * digital $8.95

$ 8.95

Guide to Language Families of the World Poster - 12-page Digital Download for $8.95. By linguists Merritt Ruhlen and Joseph Greenberg (from Stanford University) and the staff of the Exploratorium Museum of San Francisco. Some graphics are 8.5x11" pages and others are two-page spreads at 11x17".

Merritt Ruhlen’s original work,  A guide to the world's languages, was published by the Stanford University Press in 1987.  Ruhlen collaborated with the staff at the Exploratorium Museum of San Francisco to create a 12-page guide, entitled The Evolution of Languages in 1999 to accompany his original Language Map poster. This download is that guide, as the copyright has been transferred to ODT so that we could create a new equal-area Language Families Map on the Hobo-Dyer projection. 

Two years of research, design, and consultation with Stanford University linguists went into the production of the Language Families chart explained by this fascinating booklet. Colorful and filled with fascinating and useful information. With it you can trace the history of the English language, find out how Tiwi relates to Pitjantjatjara, or discover the current top 12 languages of the world.

This is a digital download for $8.95 - a digital version of the Exploratorium "Evolution of Languages" magazine.

Copyright now held by Island Improv and available to interested buyers. Email 

You can locate language theory books by Merritt Ruhlen by searching for
The Origin of Language:
Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue

A critically acclaimed journey back through time in search of the Mother Tongue and the roots of the human family. ''Invites the reader to learn and apply the common process used by linguists'' says Science News. Booklist says, ''Believing that doing is learning, Ruhlen encourages his readers to try their hand (and eye) at classifying languages. This exercise helps us appreciate the challenges inherent in this fascinating and controversial science of comparative linguistics.'' Also available on AMAZON at:

Also recommended reading: Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages by Gaston Dorren, published in December, 2018.

Order the New Language Map poster download HERE

OR Hardcopy poster stock versions of ODT's Language Map are available exclusively from Teachers Discovery for $19.99

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