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Eckert IV Equal Area Outline Map of the World * digital license

Eckert IV Equal Area Outline Map of the World * digital license

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The Eckert IV Equal Area Outline Map of the World is an under-appreciated map projection. It is Equal Area map like the Peters and the Hobo-Dyer, but shows country shapes with less distortion. We have digitized the 1989 edition originally published by World Eagle, and are making this outline map available for classroom use. Please note -  the country borders are reflective of the 1989 and do not, for example, show updates like South Sudan.

Buying this image entitles the purchaser to unlimited reproduction rights (in perpetuity) for one school location.

Contact Email:  for larger numbers of students or longer licensing periods. © 2021 Island Improv.

At ODT, we support any and ALL equal area map projections, including the recent buzz of publicity about a “new” Equal Earth Map.
The Equal Earth Map is virtually indistinguishable from the Eckert IV Equal Area world map above. The advantage to map users and educators is that the “new” Equal Earth Map is copyright-free and trademark-free, and thus can be widely utilized and reproduced. Full documentation on the Equal Earth Map can be found at:

The first thematic map in the Equal Earth projection produced by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). The Equal Earth projection was featured Sept 8, 2018 in Newsweek (see: ). And the big plus for consumers is that it is available in GIS packages: in D3, in G.Projector and in proj4.

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