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Cultural Diversity Sourcebook - e-book - $2.95 download for personal use - ON SALE $1.95

Cultural Diversity Sourcebook - e-book - $2.95 download for personal use - ON SALE $1.95

$ 1.95 $ 2.95

Award-winning text edited by Dr. Bob Abramms and Dr. George F. Simons. This 505-page landmark anthology presents diversity issues with articles from the traditional business press, as well as poetry, pop music, cartoons and theater. Topics include class, spirit, applications, gender, Affirmative Action, dilemmas, alternate models and more.This 1996 hardcover (originally $50) is now available as a $2.95 download here. Selected articles from the hardcopy edition were removed to respect copyright restrictions ...but you can access most of those pieces by clicking on links in the e-book to where they are readable on-line at no harge. The hardcover copies are still available on AMAZON.

"Packed full with useful discussions of some of our most complex and contentious problems."
       Walter E. Williams, Chairman John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics,George Mason University

"A treasuer trove of keen insights and abiding wisdom ... an extraordinary collection of thoughtful commentary by an enormously impressive list of comtributors."
       Howard Zinn, Professor Emeritus, Boston University; Author, A People's History of the United States

$2.95 for a 150DPI PDF for personal use only. For reprint rights or copyright permission for classroom use contact 800-736-1293 or email

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