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Native American Major & Minor Tribes of Mainland USA (plus Language Groups) - download * digital license (up to 100 students @ year) * see link below to order hardcopy maps at any size

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Native American Major & Minor Tribes of Mainland USA (plus Language Groups)

This powerful image shocks viewers into recognizing that America was not "discovered" by Europeans .... it was fully inhabited by hundreds of indigenous tribes. Tribes are identified as "major" and "minor" tribes as well as "culture areas", and also identified by 18+ language groups via color coding. This is the most comprehensive view of the indigenous population that we have ever seen  and is available as a low cost (or no cost) JPG file from this page, and is also available as a hi-res PDF, or printed hardcopy on paper, canvas (see below),  

Maps don't just reflect reality .... maps actually form, shape, and create reality!

The above image is a graphic representation illustrating the various inhabitants of the mainland USA prior to its "discovery" by Europeans. The hundreds of tribes are located and identified as MAJOR TRIBES, MINOR TRIBES, CULTURAL AREAS, as well as LANGUAGE GROUPS (see color coding).
Before the arrival of Europeans who "discovered" America many Native American tribes had their own systems of jurisprudence, education and were living in an ecologically balanced way.

To learn how maps shape our perceptions refer to Seeing Through Maps available as a hard copy or as a digital download. Especially see Chapter 1 (The Multiple Truths of the Mappable World) and Chapter 8 (Are Maps Talk Instead of Pictures). Learning Objectives for the Seeing Through Maps book are available as a free download. Also see how maps shape our Perceptions in our 30-minute video Many Ways to See the World available from Media Education Foundation.

The 150 DPI digital version of this map is available here from Island Improv. Supportive curriculum materials are available as a free download from the Light Omega website. Additional Light Omega resources supporting indigenous rights are available at that location.

BUFFALO MEDIA WORKS    (hotlink to URL * BMW landing page)
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Buffalo NY 14202 * * 716-575-5560
The map can be produced physically at any size!
The hardcopy maps are available and can come with the title or omitting it, and with (or without) the footer information seen here.
It can be produced as a laminated map, printed on canvas, mounted on foam core etc.
As an example of pricing...a laminated map (at X ft wide) would cost  X dollars.
Donations of this map are available to inner city schools (see below).

DETAILS for Map Freaks:  The original version of this map (printed at 43 x 66 cm.) was created using the  Albers equal area projection (W 125⁰--W 65⁰/N 50⁰--N 24⁰). Original Scale 1:7,500,000 ; The map image alone was originally printed without the title and footer information seen here.

Original version created by W. C Sturtevant & USGS in 1967.
World Eagle published a hardcopy edition of this map in 1996.
ODTmaps acquired World Eagle in 2009.
Island Improv acquired most of the ODTMaps titles in 2021, including this provocative image.

For permission to reproduce the Map (at 300DPI)  for up to 100 students per year order from this page.
For over 100 students or longer time periods, email:  © 2022 Island Improv. 

Hi-res PDF image files available from BUFFALO MEDIA WORKS 
       (hotlink from URL to Brian's landing page for PDF license).
Or contact * 716-575-5560

If you cannot afford the cost of this download, and you are using this map for teaching purposes in a public school, faith-based project, NGO or other effort associated with teaching about indigenous rights and heritage, enter a discount code of "Island" and the download cost will be reduced to $0.  Donations of hardcopy maps may be available by writing to:

Language Families of the World Poster - image HERE
Order hardcopy posters from Teachers Discovery for $20.99


Resources & Action Networks to support this work:

Native Organizers Alliance (NOA)

Native Land Digital is Indigenous-led  non-profit

For a timely article about how current this issue is ...
go to:

Cultural Survival is a Quarterly magazine supporting Indigenous rights around the world. Originally it was founded in response to the opening up of the Amazonian and South American hinterlands during the 1960s, and the drastic effects this had on Indigenous inhabitants. It has since worked with Indigenous communities in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia, becoming the leading US-based organization defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Also: A Young People's History of the United States: Columbus to the War on Terror  by Howard Zinn and Rebecca Stefoff
and An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States by Kyle T. Mays
and:  Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford (ISBN 978-0449904961)

A "tip of the hat" to Denis Wood, Jennifer Geist, and Ellen Bettmann who did outreach with Native American activists, and contributed contacts and links to this web page.

Special thanks to Margaret Pearce, a cartographer, and member of Potawatomi Tribe with PhD in geography from Clark University, for her contribution in reviewing this project!

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