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Assessing Diverse Employees - A multicultural quagmire - by Barbara Deane - free

Assessing Diverse Employees - A multicultural quagmire - by Barbara Deane - free

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"Assessing Diverse Employees: A Multicultural Quagmire" - 2 pages

Consultant Barabara Deane discusses how typical survey/feedback instruments are biased, based on white male norms, and are are generally ineffective for both white males and people of color...because they fail to include an important factor.
Rather than simply rating my boss on "How much of certain behavior she/he is expressing (on a traditional Likert scale - 1 being low to 10 being high)" the ODT PRIME Feedback instruments (all downloadable free for your review) use a unique 2x2  rating grid.
On the vertical is "How much emphasis does my boss place on this"?"
On the horizontal is "How much of a certain behaivior do I need from my boss"?"
The simple 2x2 Matrix provides an elegant and powerful way o give feedback to managers to see if they are "on target" or "off target" with meeting employees perceived needs.

These instruments can be licensed to organizational consultants doing training and/or coaching...
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ODT began as consulting and training company in the field of Employee Empowerment and "Upward Influence", and soon developed a series of training modules on "How to Receive a Performance Appraisal", "How to Receive a Delegated Assignment", "How to Increase Your Personal Power", "Self-Directed Work Teams",  as well as a series of instrumented feedback tools and workshops to help communication up (PRIME Match), downward (PRIME Search), and with peers (PRIME Peer). These tools are now digitized and will be available HERE

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