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Map Combo Pack Folded

25" long box or tube crammed with fabulous give-away maps

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Includes most of the following (until we run out):
Population Map - desktop laminated
Pacific Centered Peters Map, laminated
McArthur´s Universal Corrective Map - 23 x 35, laminated
USA Equal Area desktop map, laminated

Hobo-Dyer 36" wide (South-up), paper

ANTARCTICA - 5 views of the continent, paper 
Peters 24x36 paper, no panels
Peters Map Explanation - 4 pages
What's Up? South! Map Explanation - 4 pages
Africa - would you believe? 8.5 x11"

Our What's Up? South! map is available free as a paper folded map HERE.

See our entire collection of materials we are donating HERE.

Limit: one box (or tube) per shipping address.
Last day for shipping these out is October 15th!
But you can send multiple addresses one of these great boxes...
please place a separate for each ($19.95 shipping and packing charge applies per order).

Enter larger quantities, if you can use more, and we will contact you about shipping more later if they are still available.

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