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Free Downloads

We’re pleased to make a variety of materials available for free to use in the classroom:


Many Ways to See the World video - download the transcript

Peters Map - B&W - 2-page Explanation with comparisons to other projections

USA Equal Area Map - B&W - No state names - for testing in the classroom - shows all Capitols with an asterisk

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Map - B&W - No country names - for testing in the classroom

Indispensable World Maps for Everyone - Map Report article on Len Guelke's Azimuthal Maps

Map Report article: Why a New USA map?

Seeing Through Maps, Chapter One: The Multiple Truths of the Mappable World

Seeing Through Maps, Chapter Eight: Are Maps Talk instead of Pictures?

Part One and Part Two of a radio interview of Bob Abramms with WMUA about the Peters Projection Map in 2008