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Synchronoptic World History - French version - 1 volume

Synchronoptic World History - Rare Book - Collector's Item

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Noticing that in most histories of the world, Europe received more attention than Africa, Asia and Latin America combined, Arno Peters decided to create a history which gave equal weight to each century in human history and to each region. The information in the Synchronoptic World History is therefore arranged in tabular form with time running along the top and regions running down the side, so that the reader can see at a glance what was happening around the globe at any one time.

"We are told when the Spanish Armada was sunk, King Philip wept. Were there no other tears?" asks Studs Terkel. Behind that question stands another: Why do we view history through the eyes of kings, generals, politicians, not the majority of humankind? Analyzing the way world history was taught, Arno Peters concluded, focused on battles and big-shots, often overlooking what common people were doing; it concentrated on Western history, paying scant attention to the rest of the world; it paid little attention to certain periods, as if they were unimportant. "World history," then, fell far short of its claims. Peters set out to correct the problem. The result: is this breath-taking work of scholarship that covers 5,000 years of human history. Every century, every year, is assigned space with mathematical accuracy, not by some historian's hobby. It presents data from an amazing breadth of cultures without the usual bias. It pays close attention to scientific discoveries, economic life, technology, social arrangements, literature, art, philosophy, law, religion, as well as wars and revolutions. It does all this without moralizing. By offering data without an overlay of interpretation it allows history to make its own point. Many have offered high praise for the work.

French version - 1 oversize volume. Collector's item.

Also available in German

NEW DIGITAL VERSION in GERMAN [Includes a treasure trove of the original 34,000 index cards Arno Peters used to compile the first edition.] Online at for under 100 Euros.

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