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What's Up? South! map printed AT ANY SIZE!

What's Up? South! map printed AT ANY SIZE!

$ 600.00

All What's Up? South! Map custom map projects are now handled directly by the copyright holder. Contact David Stephens at

This map can be printed on a variety of papers: synthetic, laminated gloss finish, laminated matt finish, peel-off sticky-backed, and you can even have the map mounted and framed (a 5 foot-wide, custom printed, framed maps can cost $1000 plus). Most inquiries are handled individually after a personal consultation about your project & needs. We only take on-line orders for standard laminated maps (gloss finish) at limited sizes. However, we prefer to speak with you about your needs and can discuss matt (dull finish) for highly lit rooms, or recommend more expensive options such as pull-down spring-roller mounted maps, maps on specialty papers (synthetic tearproof or sticky-backed for easy posting and removal).

Always best to phone in first for a free consultation. But if you know the gloss lamination is what you want....just order here. Pricing is at $100 per foot of the width of the map. The height is determined by the "aspect ratio" of the map. In the case of the What's Up? South! Map, the aspect ratio depends upon whether you want the map printed with panels (then you have a .642 aspect ratio), or without bottom panels (in which case the aspect ratio is .536). Multiply the width of the maps by the aspect ratio and you get how tall (high) your final map will be.  Small price increases if you want your map printed on high quality SYNTHETIC paper or re-tack sticky backing paper. Maps can also come in pull-down versions, or with wooden rails.

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