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South-on-Top Map Combo Pack - $59.95

$ 59.95 $ 139.00

This South-on-top map pack by ODTmaps is a great educational tool. It challenges basic notions of ''up'' and ''down.'' True ''up'' from our standpoint on the earth, is away from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. It includes 3 maps at approx 36 wide: (1) What's Up? South! Map 24x36 laminated, (2) McArthur´s Universal Corrective Map - 23 x 35 laminated (3) Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - Two-sided: North-up Africa-centered/South-up Australia-centered; map is 11 x17 inches with heavy-duty 5 mil lamination, and (4) the Hobo-Dyer - Mead Museum version 24x36 inch sheet in paper-rolled format (but not laminated). This version is ideal for framing in a 24x36 inch poster frame. Image size on the Mead map is only 18x36 inches which leaves a total of six inches of white space above and below the map image. In addition to these four maps, you will receive 4 map postcards and a 4-page Explanation of the What's Up? South! Map with detailed references. Retail value of the component materials is $139.           SOLD OUT UNTIL Summer 2021

Watch our free video clip explaining South-on-top maps.

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