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Support Our Schools (SOS) for $49.95 (over $500 worth of map resources!)

$ 49.95 $ 500.00

We are counting on YOU to help get new world views into your local schools! This is a request to help extend the reach of our resources into your local school system. We are making an unprecedented offer … Over $500 worth of ODT geography materials that you can donate to one (or several) of your local schools….for $49.95 per set (home-schoolers are also eligible to order).

50 desktop maps (your choice: Peters, Hobo-Dyer, or Population).
50 map postcards (matching the above Peters, Hobo-Dyer, or Population).
1 large paper folded wall map (matching your Peters, Hobo-Dyer, or Population map).
Free videos on YouTube
Free Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man DVD with PowerPoints
Free e-books - How Maps Change Things  
Plus 3 hardcopy books:
         1 copy of Seeing Through Maps,
         1 Peters Atlas of the World,
         1 copy of How Maps Change Things 
All for $49.95 per set for USA schools (or international schools with a USA “ship-to” address). Free S&H in USA if order is over $50, pre-paid via credit card on-line or via phone. These materials are NOT for RESALE
and the SHIP TO address must be directed to an educational institution.
If ordering via a school Purchase Order the S&H is $12.50 additional, and we will create an invoice for your school.
Yes, you can order multiple sets, while supplies last.
International orders need to be quoted for S&H individually, as each destination country requires calculating USPS rates.
Offer is good through September 15, 2018.

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