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Peters Equal Area Wall Map - 2014 laminated

Peters Equal Area Wall Map - wall map * 39"x50"

$ 25.00

Which is bigger, Greenland or China? With the traditional Mercator map Greenland and China look to be the same size but in reality China is almost 4 times larger! In response to such discrepancies, Dr. Arno Peters created an equal area map, a new world map that dramatically improves the accuracy of how we see the Earth. Standard size is 39'' x 50''.

Various formats:
paper & folded for $25
laminated with 3 mil 2-sided edge seal lamination for $39 (most popular)
laminated (same as above) and gift-tubed in a blow-molded plastic screw-tube $49.95 (out of stock until new owners buy ODT)
paper & rolled (in a plastic gift tube) for framing $49 (slight "second")
Pacific Peters Topographic 20.5x32" $29.50 (different image -
Peters Map Corporate Seminar Pack $$239.50 (reduced from $538!)
See:  (ONLY two left)

These Peters maps are the largest stock size we publish, and come with a set of bottom comparison panels explaining different map projections and their strengths and weaknesses.
The map can also be produced at custom sizes up to 20 feet wide 

The West Wing clip about the Peters Map is also on YouTube HERE.

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