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Peters Projection Maps

The equal area Peters Map has attracted more press coverage, both praise and criticism, than any other map in history. Learn more about the Peters Map video in this 4-minute clip from THE WEST WING. Or watch the 30-minute documentary film HERE.

Our business has been acquired by a generous Social Justice advocate who wants to make the Hobo-Dyer map available to educate children, especially in the Global South.

For the next year you can still get free digital products at:
and and
and here:

Many of the stores that we supply will continue to have ODT resources for sale – and the folks who bought ODT are in the process of making our Hobo-Dyer map copyright-free for their global education efforts.

To buy map resources in the future, see the following distributors:
Broadside Books, Northampton MA
Reach & Teach , San Mateo CA
Longitude Maps, Plymouth, MN
Whole World Books, Ft Wayne, IN 
Peace & Justice Ctr  Burlington, VT
or your local Fair Trade store.