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Other Maps to Intrigue You!

Our business has been acquired by a generous Social Justice advocate who wants to make all the ODT materials available to educate children, especially in the Global South. 

See free video clips below:
Fairness To All Peoples

Seeing Through Maps

The West Wing Episode

Peters Map for Fairness & Equality

The Mapmakers Challenge

The Hobo Dyer Equal Area Map  

Maps Send A Message: Empower Yourself!

For the next year you can still get free and low-cost digital products at:
and and
and here:

Many of the stores that we supply will continue to have ODT resources for sale – and the folks who bought ODT are in the process of making our Hobo-Dyer map copyright-free for their global education efforts.

To buy map resources in the future, see the following distributors:
Broadside Books, Northampton MA
Reach & Teach , San Mateo CA
Longitude Maps, Plymouth, MN
Whole World Books, Ft Wayne, IN 
Peace & Justice Ctr  Burlington, VT
or your local Fair Trade store.