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Seeing Through Maps HUGE File Cabinet Magnet

Seeing Through Maps HUGE File Cabinet Magnet

$ 1.49 $ 6.25

6" x 9" oversized map-card with sturdy 10 mil. lamination.
Colorful quiz on maps on one side.
Version with fridge magnet on back sells for $6.95  Now on sale for $3.
Laminated card without magnet -- only $1.49 - Clearance item!

  1. Which image shows population sizes?
  2. Which image shows the size of each country?
  3. Which image shows "North" isn't the same as "up"?
  4. Which images convey the idea of "Spaceship Earth?
  5. Which image was created to help navigators ?
  6. Which images have been criticized the most?

Answers on reverse, along with ODT web sites and contact information.
Same quiz as the back cover of our SEEING THROUGH MAPS book!

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