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Russell H. Lenz Global Perspective Maps

Global Perspective Maps are a series of ten images meticulously prepared by Russell H. Lenz, the renowned Chief Cartographer of the Christian Science Monitor in the 1970’s. The maps are available in various sizes and formats from postcard size (6"x9") to 11"x16", and 24"x36", and can be custom printed at up to 12 feet wide. The USA from Canada map is reproduced on page 47 of our Seeing Through Maps book in Chapter 5 (where pages 44 - 48 cover a variety of South-on-top maps...historical and current).

ODT is in “transition” with the business being passed to new owners in 2020. Meanwhile, We will continue to offer digital sales and licensing, and continue to supply custom printed oversize maps, and continue to serve our largest institutional customers...until the business is sold. Longitude Maps has many of our maps available at:  including:  Peters, What’s Up? South!, Hobo-Dyer, USA Map, Population Map, Dymaxion, Pacific Peters, McArthur, Seeing Through Maps, Russell Lenz Perspective Maps, Map postcards, Africa – Would you Believe?, ODT DVDs, and our books: Seeing Through Maps and How Maps Change Things. 
Also: supplies the following: Peters, What's Up? South!, Hobo-Dyer, Dymaxion, McArthur, map magnets, Seeing Through Maps, How Maps Change Things, Peters Atlas.  See:  Syracuse Cultural Workers for Peters Maps & Peters Postcards, Pacific Peters Maps, What’s Up? South! Maps & Postcards: and Heritage Books & Music: carries Peters, What's Up? South!, Hobo-Dyer, Pacific Peters.   Teachers Discovery: now sells hardcopy Language Maps, and the Media Education Foundation: sells and licenses our video, Many Ways To See The World.