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State of the Village Report 2005

State of the Village Report 2005

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Population Education (Washington DC), distributes this on a copyright-free basis. It provides an intriguing and insightful view of how we fit into the world’s larger community.
Europeans, Americans and Canadians comprise only 15% of the world population.
Only 5% of the world population have English as their first language.
17% speak different Chinese languages, 12 of them distinct dialects of Mandarin.
Other interesting facts:
If the world were a village of 100 people:
51 would live in cities.
23 would live in substandard housing.
74 would be adults (age 15+); & 16 of them illiterate.
14 would suffer from malnutrition.
11 would not have access to clean, safe drinking water.
20 people would not have any electricity.
Of the 80 that do have electricity, most would use it only for light at night.
The complete statistics are posted at:

The updated 2015 report is available

Population Education prepared the report to accompany their newly released World Population Map 

Population Education also prepared a color 43-page downloadable Activity Guide which is emailed at no charge to all customers who purchase the World Population Map. It includes numerous activities for the classroom.  Find it HERE

 A review of the downloadable updated electronic 2014 State of the Village Report will quickly reveal how fortunate those of us are who have food, electricity, and clean water to drink!

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