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Peters Map Explanation - 4 pages - free

Peters Map Explanation - 4 pages - free

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This convenient handout is included in every large format Peters Map that we sell. It provides background on different map projections (including Mercator's) and some historical background. Arno Peters was one of the first to assert that maps are unavoidably political. Some supporters of the Peters map go further, strongly affirming that in the one world now emerging we need one world view, and that the Peters world map is best suited for this role. Our position is that all projections possess desirable but mutually exclusive attributes and since no single projection can show both size and shape accurately...multiple of perspectives are valuable and necessary. 

This informative handout shows the Peters in comparison to the Mercator, Van der Grinten, Robinson, Winkel Tripel, Eckert IV, and Goode's Homolosine projections. It also provides resources & references to ODT's videos, “Many Ways to See the World” and "Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man,” as well as citing Ward Kaiser's How Maps Change Things: A Conversation about the Maps We Choose and the World We Want.  The handout also includes up-to-date references at the end for the serious map student. 

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