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World Outline Map Set

World Outline Map Set

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Thirteen double-sided 81/2'' x 11'' maps on high gloss paper. Black & White Outline maps. The world, both Africa centered and Pacific centered; hemispheres, continents; selected areas and countries (e.g. Mediterranean area). Very useful in the classroom or for homeschoolers. Copyright-free! These outline maps were published by the National Council for Geographic Education, a non-profit organization, chartered in 1915 to enhance the status and quality of geography teaching and learning. The date of the map boundaries is 2004. These map sets are copyright-free and may be reproduced for any non-profit educational project. All that is required is proper attribution of NCGE as the source.

Companion set of Major Countries Maps also available FREE while supplies last.

Limit of 1 free  set per order. While supplies last!
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