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Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself

Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself - English (FREE - one per customer!)

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A do-it-yourself Hugg-A-Planet. Just the "skin" and you stuff it yourself, and sew up a small hole. Our loveable Planet is embraced by many movie, television, and music celebrities. In some small way the Hugg-A-Planet is responsible for MOTHER EARTH to finally be hugged, a millions of times over. Thousands of schools use a Hugg-A-Planet Earth in the classroom. Many people have this soft cuddly at home, always in arms reach for easy reference. It is an opportunity for the family to interact; to discover where a place is or where grandma lives, or for planning vacations.

English language version usually $19.99 
       Older editions are NOW free until we sell our business!
       One per customer please.
You can buy these from your local Fair Trade store or go to the manufacturer and buy one stuffed with Fair-trade certified cotton!

When we run out of these at ODT, check back for a link HERE to go directly to the FREE page at the manufacturer's web site....and additional planets may still be available.

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