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Why a New USA Map? - hardcopy article reprint from The MapReport

Why a New USA Map? - hardcopy article reprint from The MapReport

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Many Alaskan middle school students believe their home state is an island located in the South Pacific. Why, you might ask? Because that’s how it appears on most maps! Texas is often described as the largest state in the USA. Why? Because that’s how it appears on most maps!  Can a map of the United States be complete if Puerto Rico is not represented? Would you be surprised to discover that Puerto Rico is omitted from most USA maps?

A unique equal-area map aims to change these, and many other, outdated views. The Equal Area USA Map, by, correctly informs, often for the very first time, geographic perceptions! This unique desk-top student map has been created to provide an accurate view of the USA, with each state shown in its correct size, proportion and – as much as possible – location. Equal-area maps, such as this one, are the only maps that show each area at true size and proportion. Equal area world maps, such as the Peters and Hobo-Dyer, are only recently making inroads into schools. The Equal Area USA Map provides teachers the means to bring important, yet often ignored, viewpoints to geography discussions and education.

Interstate highways, and other national highways in Canada & Mexico, are included on the map, because these roads are the arteries of our economy today, just as rivers and other waterways were the economic arteries of two hundred years ago. The Equal-Area USA map also includes the notation of capitals as well as large cities (based on Selected Metropolitan Areas), so students can get an idea of where most of the population is concentrated. Additionally, a regional inset map allows students to see positions and context within the Western Hemisphere.

This hardcopy 22” wide and 13.5” high map is available in a durable 5 mil lamination....or as a paper map for schools with their own lamination equipment. 

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