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Religions of Africa * digital - free * 1985

Religions of Africa * digital - free * 1985

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Religions of Africa (circa 1985) - Originally published by World Eagle - provides a historical snapshot on a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection of the continent of Africa. Produced by the Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association, this image represents: Protestant, Roman Catholic, combined Protestant & Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Islam, and traditional "Animist" faith groups. A very different picture than we are used to seeing. Country boundaries are shown but obviously are often different than the religious identities.  ODT makes this image available at no charge to enable students to see Africa in a "different" light ... prior to European colonization. Interim edition - needs to be updated to show current boundaries (like South Sudan.

Free download.

NOTE: This is a restored archival map and the print quality is faint.

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