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Hobo-Dyer - Mead Museum version (image size is 18x36") * image soon to become copyright-free

Hobo-Dyer - Mead Museum version (image size is 18x36") * image soon to become copyright-free

$ 150.00 $ 1,450.00

ODT collaborated with the Amherst College museum staff to develop a custom-designed world map for “A Global View,” a new installation of cultural artifacts organized as a part of the Mead’s whole-museum reinstallation project. After reviewing numerous options, museum curators selected “The World Turned Upside Down,” a map which places the southern hemisphere at the top and shows the relative size of continents. The map is a Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Projection, South-Up, and was commissioned and published by ODT and designed and Oxford Cartographers (UK). This handsome and informative map challenges visitors’ preconceptions about something as seemingly straightforward as the geography of the world,” said Elizabeth Barker, the Mead Museum’s director and chief curator. “In that way, it furthers the Mead’s educational mission.”  Now available laminated or paper rolled. 

**** image soon to become copyright-free *****

laminated rolled map at 18" x 36" in eco-friendly cardboard tube $35.00

  Standard paper rolled at 24x36   $20
      Laminated oversize map $179

       You can paste up a title on your map for a gift
       (i.e., "Mary sees the world in unique ways!")

Below only available by special request in volume - call 413-835-1062
  Archival Paper - Carolina 12 Pt C1S - thick poster stock $26.95
  Archival Paper - Felt 80# text (non-glare matt finish) $29.95  
  Synthetic 54#  heavy duty Tyger - spectacular paper $37.95  


Want to know more about the Hobo Dyer? Our own Dr. Bob Abramms explains it's virtues. 


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