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Improving Your Judgement PRE-TEST and ANSWERS * digital download * free

Improving Your Judgement PRE-TEST and ANSWERS * digital download * free

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This is a pretest to be used in conjunction with "The eye of the beholder" film from BNAC - available on YouTube at

It poses some typical situations in which people are prone to making perceptual errors:
Target Similarity Error
Availability Heuristic
Tendency to Seek Causal Explanations
Overweight of Confirming Evidence
Focus on the Case, Not the Baserate, and
Sample Size Distortions.
These handouts were use in Executive MBA programs at the University of CT in Stamford and Danbury, and in many Fortune 500 Executive Development programs. They may be too sophisticated for Jr High or High School students unless those students are also taking statistics classes.

See also:
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