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How Maps Change Things - paperback

How Maps Change Things - Diversity - hardcopy edition $31.95 - downloads also available

$ 31.95

Maps do obvious things: they tell us where in the world we are, and how to get from Point A to Point B. They also invite us to exercise judgment, which brings our human values - our faith - into play. Ward Kaiser's book, How Maps Change Things: A Conversation about the Maps We Choose and the World We Want, takes an informed and passionate view of how maps influence the significant paths we humans pursue. In How Maps Change Things Kaiser makes clear how maps are really about politics and the values we hold. They're about human relations, social justice, war and peace, budgets, and environmental concerns, because the maps we create and use influence (sometimes subtly, sometimes directly) all of these things. He contends that we need to become aware of how we shape and use maps, and how they in turn shape us. Ultimately, it's about becoming aware of the "meaning" behind the maps we use so we can reflect on and begin to create the kind of world we want. Kaiser has broad experience as an ecumenical business executive, pastor, teacher, publisher, and community organizer. He introduced the Peters Projection world map to North America in 1983.

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A free study guide (with 4 activities) prepared by Jim Taylor of Wood Lake Press is also available HERE.

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