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Diversity - Digital

 ODT's Complete Cultural Diversity Library won an award as one of the year's "20 hottest Human Resource products."  ODT pioneered the use of the Peters Projection Map materials in large corporations and used the map in a variety of corporate culture change, leadership and diversity diagnostic projects. ODT's diversity trilogy won numerous awards: The Cultural Diversity Fieldbook - "Best Book Bet" by Executive Female; The Cultural Diversity Sourcebook - "Outstanding Book Award" by the Gustavus Myers Center for the study of Human Rights in North America; and both books together won a "Top Training Product" award from Human Resource Executive magazine. ODT has been the official marketing arm for the Peters map for several decades. ODT granted permission to the TV show WEST WING to feature the Peters Projection map in their award-winning series. Since that time it has published the "What's Up? South!" world map, the Hobo-Dyer Projection map and SEEING THROUGH MAPS book...which is available hardcopy HERE, and is available as an e-book download HERE.  As a prelude to turning the ODT business over to new owners we have digitized  many of our valuable resources from our decades of publishing and consulting in the Diversity field, and are now making them available to a wider audience. We also license the digital materials at modest  fees ($49 - $199 for one academic year). Email licensing inquiries to us at  ODT's mission of "honoring differences" and "teaching people to see the world from a broader, more inclusive perspective" remain at the core of all ODT's activities.