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Toronto-centered world map poster

Toronto-centered world map poster

$ 424.00

Leonard Guelke created this projection to tell you exactly how far it was from anywhere on Earth to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Draw a straight line on this map from Toronto to anywhere in the world and, with some simple math, you've got the real-world distance. In order to achieve this benefit, you need to sacrifice some shapes and sizes. *** Printed on Synthetic paper (for framing) at 56" x 56" -- $424.00 **** This image is taken from Seeing Through Maps: The Power of Images to Shape Our World View by Ward L. Kaiser and Denis Wood. This book looks closely at the images and messages of maps. Chapter One is titled "The Multiple Truths of the Mappable World" which can be downloaded at no charge (see left-hand toolbar – FREE MAPS & MORE). Order copies of "Seeing Through Maps" from link above.

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