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Custom Promotional Postcards

We've retired and are no longer doing custom postcards.

$ 1,088.00

Want to promote your city or state? Want to promote the unique attractions of your company headquarters? Here’s an opportunity for businesses in Florida to created a promotional postcard with this attractive message on the color side, and the reverse side is totally customizable to the personal message you want to put out. This particular postcard is sized at 6” x 9”. The principle behind these powerful promotional tools is the same one behind the other City-centered titles shown on our City-centered Maps page.
If you use the Florida color image to the left (and supply a PDF of your final artwork for the back of the postcard) reduce price by $199.

If desired, the back side of the postcard can also be 4-color, but this may add 40-50% to the cost of your job.
Production lead time is one to two months.
Postcards usually come shrink wrapped in quantities of 100 per pack, but other arrangements can be made. 
1,000 Florida Postcards $889.00
2,500 Florida Postcards $999.00
5,000 Florida Postcards $1,399.00
1,000 Any state / country Postcards $1,088
2,500 Any state / country Postcards $1,350
5,000 Any state / country Postcards $1,575

Learn about the principle of a city-centered azimuthal map from this ODT video about a Toronto-centered world map:

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