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Jerusalem-centered World Map - personal use only $5 digital

Jerusalem-centered World Map - personal use only $5 digital

$ 4.95

This Jerusalem-centered global perspective on the planet is an azimuthal equal area map.

All maps are not created equal.  Many popular world maps do not serve the essential needs of map users, because they fail to locate countries and continents in anything like the way they are actually arranged on the face of the earth. Such maps render the globe as a rectangle or ellipse and slice up oceans and continents with arbitrary boundaries that have no existence on the continuous surface of the spherical earth. Moreover, all equal area world maps also contain significant shape distortions of areal features in addition to their locational shortcomings.

The good news is that a better world map is available using a projection known to cartographers as the Azimuthal Equal Area or Lambert projection. Using the flexible centering capabilities of this projection it is possible to create a world map that maintains good locational relations, avoids undue shape distortion in addition to, as its name proclaims, preserving true areas. This remarkable world map is achievable by centering the map at the heart of the world’s land masses, ensuring thereby that the bulk of the distortion associated with any flat representation of the spherical earth will be situated in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean.

ODT has actually produced the better map described above by creating a new world Azimuthal map centered on the ancient city of Jerusalem, which happens to be close to the center of the world’s land masses. This ODT map proudly continues an ancient tradition of Jerusalem-centered world maps dating back to the Middle Ages.  Like the earth, ODT’s Azimuthal World is round and the continents surround the center area of the map in an accurate replication of the earth itself. Thus one can see how North America connects with Eurasia across the North Pole, and understand why routes between the continents often cross the vast expanses of Canada, Greenland, Russia and Alaska. One can also see that India is on the opposite side of the world from the United States and appreciate the basis of the overnight outsourcing phenomenon.

ODT’S AZIMUTHAL WORLD is not only generally accurate it is also visually pleasing in that the world looks as it should and reminds the map user of the spherical earth it seeks to portray. The bounding circumference of the map is the point opposite Jerusalem (or its antipode), representing the furthest point it is possible for one to travel from that city without beginning a return journey to one’s starting point. The map’s circumference, which is logically entailed by the nature of the projection and notwithstanding the huge stretch, creates within its border a map with a continuous, unbroken surface replicating in this respect the globe itself. The one major drawback of the projection, which it shares with all others world maps, is in its precise focus, which limits, in this case, its applicability for countries far from the center point of Jerusalem, because it does not show how these countries are connected to each other across the Pacific Ocean.

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