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Gift Tube - for that special occasion - blow-molded plastic screw tube

Gift Tube - for that special occasion - blow-molded plastic screw tube

$ 9.95 $ 15.00

This is an add-on for your order of any laminated or paper rolled map. The Gift Tube is 2" in diameter, and 40" long. It is made out  durable blow-molded plastic and screws apart with threads in the middle. It is great for storing your map, and makes a great presentation for your gift!  Generally we prefer to package our maps in the most eco-friendly manner with 3" diameter cardboard tubes. But we can pack your laminated in a gift tube by special request.

You can see from the picture to the left how our retailers (map stores and book stores) display the tubed maps for their retail customers. As crazy as it sounds, most customers prefer to spend the extra money in the store just to get the tube.

A few of our larger maps will also come with a colorful tube-top label (like the ones seen in the image). But if your map is 36" or under it will come just as a plain tube (such as 36" wide Peters, What's Up? South!, or Hobo-Dyer...with no label.

Maps available with colorful labels include: 50" wide Peters, 56" wide What's Up? South!, Mercator, McArthur, Population, and Pacific Peters. 

Note: We cannot gift tube the 11x17" desktop / placemat maps because our lamination is so thick on those smaller maps that they cannot be rolled into a 2" diameter tube. Call 800-736-1293 if you have any questions.

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